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A Simple Way to Store Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits have always been a problem for fishermen to store. If you buy more than about three, there tends to be a problem storing them. They make special spinnerbait boxes where they dangle in groves in big bulky hanging containers. Ever flip one of those upside down? That will make you mad enough to want to punch puppies.

I have OCD. It’s a blessing and a curse. A curse in that sleep is difficult because my brain doesn’t stop, even when I want it to stop. A blessing in that organization comes very natural for me. That’s beneficial when you need to keep up with thousands of pieces of tackle and be able to find them in a moment’s notice in a tournament or when shooting video and photos for stories.

Hanging boxes, tray boxes, zipper bags, Ziplocs and more have been tried in an effort to find a more useable solution as we’ve amassed quite a collective of spinnerbaits of various weights, colors, blade combinations and head styles for various situations anglers face fishing all over the country.

My Personal Spinnerbait Storage System

I use a pretty simple system now. I take small self sealing clear plastic bags you can get a your local craft or hobby store, and I put the spinnerbaits in those. Then I write the size on them (3/8-ounce to 1-ounce).


Then I take a Flambeau Double Deep Adjustable Container with Zerust Dividers, and I take out all but 3 of the dividers. I’m left with 6 pretty big spaces to fill up with bagged spinnerbaits. You can store them in some sort of order to quickly grab a selection of the right size or color or however you might want to sort them. For me, it is the best way to store spinnerbaits.

The nice thing is the spinnerbaits won’t rust as easily between the sealed bags and Zerust dividers even in wet conditions. They also won’t gum up on each other in hot compartments. You can also easily transfer a few from the big container into your smaller bags you might take to fish in other anglers’ boats when you don’t want to carry all your spinnerbaits for a certain lake.

I think I have about 100 spinnerbaits and underspins in my box right now, all very easy to get to and very compact considering there are 100 baits in there.

What good ways have you found to store spinnerbaits? 


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