5 Reasons Hollow Body Frogs Excel for Bass

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From beginner to top-tier bass pro, hollow body frogs need to be in your bass fishing arsenal. From their ability to be fished cleanly through every type of cover to their proven big fish catching ability, Ott DeFoe outlines the top reasons the hollow body frog is a go-to bait for him on tour as well as fun fishing.

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Perhaps most importantly, DeFoe stresses that no other bait rivals hollow body frogs in weedless performance while also excelling around hardcover, open water and edges. Another key to their effectiveness is the ability to cast far and accurately — you can reach bass in distant nooks and crannies, often untouched by other anglers while braid and a stout medium-heavy to heavy power rod extract bass from the thick stuff.

Ott shares some attributes of what he looks for in a good frog as well as some basic tips to get started fishing these baits effectively.