Reaction Innovations Shiver Shot Review

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It’s no secret soft plastic minnow is something that catches fish from coast to coast. Not only does this style of bait get tons of bites, but it’s also extremely versatile. I have nearly every style of minnow there is, and honestly there’s a time and place for each one. One of the newest soft plastic minnows I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on is the Reaction Innovations Shiver Shot. I only got this bait a few months ago, however I’ve quickly noticed a variety of scenarios where this bait really shines. Reaction Innovations combined realistic features and a lifelike action to create a bait that is sure to get you bites when other baits can’t.

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The Shiver Shot by Reaction Innovations is 3.65-inch soft plastic minnow that comes with a variety of one of a kind features. This bait features a highly detailed baitfish body as well as with lifeline fins. This bait also features a tapered back end with a forked tail that creates a pronounced action as it glides through the water. The tail features a thin ridge that runs along the center of the bait acting as a rudder that allows the bait to run true in current and with faster retrieves. 

Measuring 3.65 inches in length, this bait is perfect for a variety of finesse and power fishing techniques. I’ve used this bait on a variety of different rigs, and it honestly performs whenever bass are keyed in on baitfish. Some of my favorite ways to rig this bait are nose hooked on a drop shot as well as threaded on a lightweight jig head. While this bait is great for finesse fishing, I’ve also played around with it on a few power fishing rigs as well. Ive found this bait does great on the back of a vibrating jig, under spin and scrounger as well.


As I stated previously, I’ve had this bait for around two months. Throughout this time I’ve been able to test it on a variety of different fisheries, and its played a major roll within my summer arsenal. One of my favorite times to throw the Reaction Innovations Shiver Shot is whenever Im fishing around a large school of bass. Throughout the summer bass school up on offshore humps, ledges and points in search of bait and other types of forage. While these locations are great for catching tons of fish, they receive lots of pressure throughout the summer. This often makes them tricky to catch, forcing you to throw a variety of finesse techniques.

Using the reaction innovations Shiver Shot is one of my favorite ways to get these fish to react. These fish are primarily keyed in on shad, and the lifelike presentation of the Shiver Shot is perfect for tricking these wary bass into biting. Some of my favorite ways to rig this bait are nose hooked on a drop shot and threaded on a jig head. Throwing this bait around groups of bass and giving it a slow steady retrieve is a great way to imitate a wounded baitfish. I’ve caught tons of big largemouth and spotted bass practicing this technique, and I’m confident you will find similar success.


I use the same rod, reel and line setup for both of these rigs, and it’s really contributed to my success in fishing this bait. The first key to finding success with this style of lure is light line. This allows the bait to sink properly as well as proving it with the maximum amount of action. I typically use 10-pound Power Pro Braid connected to an 8-pound Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon leader.

For my rod, I prefer one with a solid backbone and a parabolic tip. The solid backbone allows for good hook penetration while the parabolic tip keeps from putting too much strain on your line. I typically use a shorter rod for these scenarios as it gives you more control over your bait and casts. One of my go to rods for this technique is the 7-foot Abu Garcia Zenon Spinning rod. For a reel, I typically go with a 3000 sized reel and a high gear ratio. The larger spool allows for more line capacity while the high gear ratio allows for quick corrections when casting. One of my favorite reels for throwing the Shiver shot is the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Spinning Reel.

Throwing finesse baitfish presentations throughout the summer is not only a great way to catch tons of fish, but big ones as well. The lifelike presentation and subtle action of the Reaction Innovations Shiver Shot is sure to trick some of the biggest and most pressured fish in your local body of water. If you’re looking for the next big minnow, I highly recommend giving the Reaction Innovations Shiver Shot a try. 

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