How to Tie Homemade Crappie Fishing Hair Jigs Easily

A custom-tied hair jig, feather jig or fur jig can at times be the best bet for crappie fishing. Tying your own jig is not hard, and it allows for endless amounts of customization that you can’t always get from retail. You can match materials to the type of water you fish and make the perfect jig for your crappie fishing situations. 

Wired2fish Publisher Jason Sealock spends a good deal of downtime in the winter tying crappie jigs. In this video, Sealock walks through the materials he likes to tie simple but fish catching hair jigs for crappie.

Materials Used:

A quality jighead is an important starting point. Jason really likes the VMC Moon Eye Jig, which features a premium painted head with large eyes and a quality VMC hook with enough gap for receiving materials along the shank. He creates custom jigs by combining a few hackle feathers, some flashabou, and chenille for body mass. You can also do it with hair, fur, and other synthetic materials. It’s pretty easy to fill up a box with these excellent little jigs in a variety of colors for every crappie fishing situation.