Finesse Swimbait Rigging Enhancements

Few baits match the lifelike realism of a small paddle tail swimbait adorned to the back of a finesse jig head. We’ve covered much content surrounding this presentation but keep adding to the archive with subtle and sometimes significant enhancements. Such is the case with Chris Zaldain’s “soft spybait” system, which marries a 3- or 4-inch paddle tail swimbait to an incredibly lifelike jighead with an asymmetrical propeller on the collar.


The Megabass Okashira Screwhead, paired with small swimbaits, creates a vertical oscillation similar to that of a traditional spybait. Unlike a spybait, which lacks hooking retention, the single hook swimbait combo consistently achieves an 80 to 90 percent land ratio. Zaldain walks us through a comprehensive rigging video that’ll give you the skills to apply this system to your waters.

Although predominantly a clear water technique, the Okashira Screwhead adds a powerful sound component, as evident in the underwater footage — this extends its use to stained or even muddy water. Consider this technique the next time you’re faced with uncooperative fish. Smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass have a hard time resisting the subtle profile and realism of a small minnow in their space.

Check out this comprehensive article for more details on Zaldain’s Soft Spybait Secrets


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