3 Go-to Swimbait Jig Heads for Most Situations

It’s confusing selecting terminal tackle for rigging soft body swimbaits – hundreds of bait styles and applications require different jig head styles to excel in any given situation. Timmy Horton simplifies the process by sharing his favorite three jig heads for most 90% of his swimbait fishing needs.


His favorite hollow body swimbait head has a collar design that firmly secures the bait to the jig, which eliminates the swimbait sliding down the shank of the hook and extends the life of each bait. Underspin jig heads get the nod in lakes with suspended forage or during the winter months, whereas lighter wire screw-lock varieties excel for smaller swimbaits and grubs. These light-wire varieties and are Horton’s go-to for smallmouth and spotted bass or anytime maximum hook penetration is desired.  

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