Tokyo Rigging Bass Shallow to Deep – First Impressions

Join along for a largemouth bass smashfest with Seth Feider as he experiences the Tokyo Rig for the first time. His confidence and knowledge flow (along with his stash and hair) as he gets on a solid shallow water flipping bite then takes the battle to offshore bass relating to bluegill and deep grass.


Feider discusses attributes of the Tokyo Rig that make it stand out from conventional Texas-rigged plastics and jigs, a plus when dealing with educated fish. Most notably, its unique rigid dropper wire coupled with a tungsten weight keeps the bait and hook slightly suspended off the bottom and independent from the weight. This translates into a more bait action and higher hooking percentages (hook and weight aren’t tethered). But unlike a drop shot, the Tokyo Rig is rigid so it excels when fished around cover like grass and wood.

The right rod setup and line pairing blend sensitivity and power with lightness to prevent fatigue. Feider details his combo and why he favors a lighter power rod paired with a braided mainline and fluorocarbon leader over heavier, more traditional flipping and pitching setups.

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