The Tokyo Rig for Bass | Ike Talks Uses

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Wired2Fish staff sat down with Mike Iaconelli to get the scoop on punch shotting, a hot technique for delivering soft plastics in ways bass haven’t seen. Based on his experiences fishing the system in Japan and the US, Ike teamed up with VMC to develop the Tokyo Rig, which is a pre-packaged punch shot rig with some specific terminal tackle.

Wired2Fish debuted the setup underwater in this Tokyo Rig underwater video.

We received lots of positive comments on the setup as well as questions such as “aren’t bass spooked by the hardware?” or, “why not just use a drop shot?” All fair questions, and ones that Ike addresses with sensible answers that support the setup over more established or traditional presentations in certain situations.

The ability to easily add and change weights coupled with an offset wide gap worm hook in sizes from 2/0 – 5/0 means you can fish a huge variety of plastics. Stay tuned for more content as we cover down on this unique setup during our 2019 filming season.

Check out this Tokyo Rig product video for details on product design.