Top Spot to Catch Big Fall Bass on Grass Lakes

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In bass fishing, the prespawn is analogous to the rut, but the mid- to late fall can be as good or better for numbers of trophy bass. Wired2Fish’s McKeon “Keys” Roberts demonstrates this by sliding his fishing kayak into a known “small lake” and catching several big bass out of an isolated grass bed on spinnerbaits and jigs.

TACKLE USED (additional kayak links below)

Keys explains the concept of “managing inventory,” that is, saving special lakes for the late fall when bass are near the maximum size and heavily concentrated in relatively small areas. Mapping out grass beds and dropping waypoints during peak summer growth allows Keys to return to prime spots after the bulk of weeds die off in the fall.

Once you contact bass, it’s important to slow down and thoroughly fish the area with a mix of vertical and moving baits. While pitching a jig is always a go-to, slow-rolling a spinnerbait and colliding it against stalks of grass proved the most productive. Kayak fishing offers a great way to fish small grass lakes without big access points.