Targeting Fall Pike With Swimbaits (VLOG)

The onset of cold weather in the fall draws cold water baitfish and toothy predators into the shallows where they’re accessible to angler’s flinging lures. Kyle Peterson takes advantage of such conditions to chunk a variety of soft and hard body swimbaits for actively feeding pike.

This casual VLOG demonstrates the power of making long casts with ultra-realistic baits that resemble natural forage. Most productive bodies of water contain several different forage species, so carrying a few different bait sizes and profiles can help you hone in the bit. Kyle runs through his box and has success using line-thru and pre-rigged swimbaits as well as glide baits.

Peterson explains the type of structures to look for on grass lakes in the fall and how Garmin Panoptix LiveScope allows you to alter your retrieve to the mood of the fish. The clear takeaway? Predator fish of all varieties love big swimbaits. While an impressive gamefish in their own right, pike lakes are a great way to have a blast while developing your swimbait fishing skills.


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