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INSANE River Bass Fishing Using Hollow Body Frogs!

Big bass and lots of them, thanks to our continued exploration into the uses of hollow body frogs. That’s what our Minnesota crew figured out this summer, and the video proves it. There isn’t a lure that allows you to freely cast anywhere you want, snag-free, better than a hollow body frog. We found bass setup in and around tangles of wood and grass throughout a stretch of river. Trebled lures like poppers and walking baits worked well when bass where roaming, but we were able to deliver frogs into the middle of the thick stuff without snagging. The frog also has the benefit of a “natural entry.” We’ve been casting the frogs onto the shore, then slowly pulling into the water, or casting beyond the suspected bass location, then working the lure to where the fish is positioned. This proved a powerful trigger and it was best achieved with a frog. We discuss bass location, lure selection, frog modification tricks, rod and reel considerations, but more than anything, just have a blast experiencing the river and catching a pile of beautiful fish.