Fall Fishing

4 Jerkbait Tips for Fall Smallmouth Bass with KVD

4 Jerkbait Tips for Fall Smallmouth Bass with KVD

Kevin VanDam relies on deep-diving jerkbaits to find and trigger smallmouth bass throughout the fall months, particularly when water temperatures are in the 50’s. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to slow your cadence just because water temperatures are cooling. KVD explains the importance of maintaining precise boat control using Spot-Lock, then making long casts along key structures. He then details how to aggressively work the bait using the right combination of arm motion, rod stiffness, and stretch afforded by fluorocarbon fishing line. 

Check out Seth Feider’s Top 9 Bait Categories for Fall Smallmouth Bass for additional info on choosing baits based on fall water temperatures. 



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