2 Overlooked Lipless Crankbait Uses for Fall Bass

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Got shad? If the answer is yes, then it just might be time to tie on the lipless crankbaits for some excellent fall bass action. As pro bass angler Braxton Setzer attests, “traps” often get pigeonholed as a bait that excels on grass lakes in the winter or spring. While that’s undoubtedly true, Setzer shares a couple of other scenarios where lipless crankbaits excel.


One of his top applications is when bass are chasing shad in the backs of creeks, and more specifically, around stump flats. This is shallow water churning and burning. A light lipless crankbait is an excellent shad imitator, allows you to cover a ton of water, and generates reaction strikes as few baits can. Setzer then shares his go-to lipless crankbait application for when bass are related to deep structure and cover.