T-H Marine Kong Wave Tamer Review

I finally caved last month. After all my buddies talked to me about it non-stop, I finally got a Garmin Panoptix LiveScope. I’ll save how truly amazing that technology is for another article. But in regards to mounting the unit on my front deck, I decided to try a T-H Marine Kong Wave Tamer mount. It’s a bridge-style mount that allows your screen to be in the middle of your front deck, right in front of your recessed trolling motor pedal tray.

In short, installation was an absolute breeze and the mount has been rock-solid in some pretty rough waters throughout my testing. I’ll quickly go through what I like most about this mount.

It’s tough as nails

Featuring heavy-gauge aluminum construction, the T-H Marine Kong Wave Tamer is darn near indestructible from what I can tell. In this photo, I have it over my leg and I’m pressing each side down with everything I have. The result? No flexing, bending or warping to speak of. 

This is a big deal for me. I’m rough on my stuff and I’m on the water a lot. When content needs to get done for Wired2fish, I have to get out there no matter the conditions. With how expensive electronics are these days, I need to make sure that my electronics have a sturdy platform. 

Your bow-mounted electronics can take a beating

Think about the part of your boat that’s most susceptible to rough water. It’s the bow, by far. Each time go over a wave, your bow takes an absolute beating. That’s exactly why I’ve decided to use Kong mounts all over my boat. Your electronics do not move with this line of mounts. 

The Kong Wave Tamer keeps my Garmin unit completely still whether I’m trailering or taking on rough water. It’s a nice feeling to drop your trolling motor for the first time of the day and know that you won’t have to waste time adjusting and re-adjusting your unit positioning. 

Fits pretty much every unit

This particular mount has a universal hole pattern that fits most electronics brackets, which made installation super quick and easy. If you do happen to need a different hole pattern, the anodized aluminum can be easily drilled to accommodate your needs. 

Final impressions

I know my 21-year-old boat isn’t necessarily a show piece, but heck, products like this Kong Wave Tamer make it a lot easier to keep my old rig updated and functioning like a new boat. For just $89, it’s hard to beat the value of this simple, yet rock-solid electronics mount. I certainly trust it, and the entire Kong lineup, to keep my units safe. 

The T-H Marine Kong Wave Tamer is available at TackleWarehouse.com

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