Power-Pole CHARGE Marine Power Management Station Review

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A slick new power management system for your fishing boat, the Power-Pole CHARGE offers anglers an on-board charging system as well as a power management system while fishing and running on the water as well as jump-box capabilities for an all-in-one total boat solution for angling piece of mind and longer days on the water.

Awesomely powerful little black box

I had the Power-Pole CHARGE installed the end of January so I’ve been running it for more than a month now. I never like to review a product before it’s been put through the paces and ran a bunch up and down the lake and tested most of the features and capabilities. The CHARGE installs quickly and easily and the setup and pairing with your C-Monster APP is equally simple.

Once you set it up, you set what batteries you have for your cranking and what batteries you have for your trolling and you’re all set. Then as you use the charge system, it will monitor and balance your energy for you without any intervention. You can set preferences if you want to have more charge on trolling or cranking or keep it even between the two. 

The CHARGE will actually add charge to your trolling system as you run around with your outboard motor. It depends on your battery sizes and setup on how much charge it will pass into the batteries. But just no that if you make a long run, you’re adding charge to your trolling system.

Small Form Factor a plus for rigging

The CHARGE is a much smaller box than I had before for an on-board charger. It tookup nearly half the space as before so it will mount just about anywhere you need it to in your battery compartment. As you can see from this picture it’s not much larger in volume than one Power-Pole hydraulic pump.  But I’ve been super impressed with it’s capabilities.

Charging lights show statuses on fly

Charging has been a breeze. The CHARGE has a very simple physical display. You have your C-Monster pairing button and then under it you have an LED for your power connection, one for your cranking batter and one for your trolling system. Usually as they are charging they will be amber and blinking. Then as they get charged all the way they will go to solid green. If you want to know exactly where you are at, just open your C-Monster app and see what percentage each battery has.

Proprietary Wiring System for Monitoring

There is a bit different wiring system for the trolling side of your CHARGE. They don’t have a name for this proprietary system but it enables them to charge all your batteries in unison but independently monitor each one. Because of that the app can then intercede when the cranking battery gets too low and let you jump from one to the other. Basically an emergency jump option will become available and then when you hit it, you give it about 10 minutes and it will pass the charge and give you enough to crank the battery. Slick!

Easy to use Battery Maintenance Mobile App

I thought the app was very straightforward and simple from setup to everyday use. You basically select your boat, search for the charge and pair and then configure your battery types and monitor. Very straightforward in all respects. And the help screen gives you the very basic operations of the powerful unit that does most of the hard work for you behind the scenes without any intervention on your part.

Quickly check charge on your phone

As it charges, the CHARGE will show you voltage and percent of charge as it’s going. As long as it’s plugged up or the boat is on and running, you can monitor the system conveniently and quickly. It works with all battery types – lead acid, AGM, GEL, lithium or TPPL.

You can find the Power-Pole Charge at TackleWarehouse.com or Power-Pole.com.