Humminbird LakeMaster VX Premium Digital Chart Review

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LakeMaster Maps have been a staple in both fresh and saltwater fishing for many years. Creating some of the most detailed underwater maps in the country, this product has quickly become one of the most popular map series available. Humminbird has recently updated this flagship series with their new VX Technology. This technology builds on the popular features of the original LakeMaster series by adding all new, never before seen capabilities in the Humminbird LakeMaster VX Premium Digital Charts.



LakeMaster Depth Shading


The Humminbird LakeMaster VX Premium Map features a new customizable color palette not seen in previous models. On the old LakeMaster card you were able to highlight specific depth ranges using the colors red and green. The new VX Premium Maps allows you to use a variety of colors that are all interchangeable. You can set your desired depth range for each color, creating your own customizable color palette. This is a great feature for quickly identifying shallow areas and contour changes when breaking down a new lake. This has quickly become a must-have feature for me on all my map cards.

humminbird helix 7


The Hummingbird LakeMaster Premium VX Map was made specifically for Humminbird units, therefore it doesn’t work with any other brand of depth finder. This map is compatible with all Apex, Solix and Helix model graphs. This specific card covers a variety of regions all over the world. You can easily select your preferred region on the Humminbird website or other retailers such as Tackle Warehouse. These map card cover a broad area and retail for $199.99, making it a great option for anglers all over the world.

Humminbird 2D Sade Relief


Another useful feature on the Humminbird LakeMaster Premium VX Map is 2D Shade Relief. This chart option allows you to quickly change your map over to a 2D shaded option. This map can help show offshore contour changes as well as hard spots better than a traditional topographical map. This is due to the maps detailed contours and color scheme. This is one of my favorite features for quickly locating offshore shell beds, ledges and hard spots. 


Water level offset is another useful feature available in the Humminbird LakeMaster Premium VX Map. This feature allows you to adjust the water level on your map to match your current body of water. Throughout the winter especially, lakes are drawn down all across the country. This can lead to unsafe boating conditions due to incur mapping depths. This feature allows you to easily correct this issue by effortlessly adjusting your map’s water level offset.

SI Range Lines


Another feature that is available on Humminbird LakeMaster Premium VX Maps is the Side Imaging Range Lines. This option shows two lines that show off the side of your boat icon on the map. This line shows exactly how far your side imaging reaches off the sides of your boat. This is a great option for quickly and effectively graphing new water. The range lines adjust to match the range your side imaging transducer is set to. This leads to an accurate interpretation of what lyes beneath the water without spending extensive amounts of time in an area. This is one of my favorite features for finding deep schools of bass throughout the year.

Humminbird Arial Imagery


Last but certainly not least, arial imagery is an extremely useful tool for a wide range of bass fishing applications. This feature is available on all LakeMaster Premium VX Maps, and gives you a bird eye view of the lake. This is perfect for locating shallow cover such as laydowns and rocks. This is also extremely productive for fishing docks, allowing you to quickly see the size and location of all the docks on your preferred body of water. This feature shows both land and water imagery, giving you an accurate layout of your desired body of water.

The Humminbird LakeMaster Premium VX Map is the perfect tool for quickly breaking down new bodies of water. Whether you’re a seasoned tournament angler or a weekend warrior, this map will help you catch more fish. Thanks to a wealth of new features, Humminbird has managed to improve on their already popular LakeMaster series of maps with the new LakeMaster Premium VX Series.