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How to Catch Giant Trout Using Jigs and Live Sonar

Wired2fish joined forces with Brandon Palaniuk on his home turf of Northern Idaho to bring you this fun and unique open water rainbow trout video. Thanks to forward-facing sonar, what started as a drop shot mission for bass quickly turned into a giant rainbow trout hunt using Jigging Raps and spoons. Palaniuk couldn’t resist pitching fast-sinking Jigging Raps on these open water roamers, culminating in a fresh and insightful approach to finding and catching pelagic trout commonly targeted through trolling techniques.


Palaniuk explains how advances in fish finder technology now allow you to target previously unseeable fish in open water. He explains how he employs a combination of MEGA 360 and MEGA Live Imaging along with 2D sonar to locate and “video game” trout using gliding jigs and spoons for suspended trout. Lastly, he shares lessons learned, such as why straight fluorocarbon is the way to go. We keep it mainly loose and fun, exposing a new tactic that will produce trout and salmon on fisheries throughout the nation.