Catch More Walleyes With a Bass Fishing Approach

Are you looking to add some excitement and productivity to your walleye fishing? Well, similar to bass fishing, chasing walleyes can be fast-paced and exciting if you know how to use your electronics. Mille Lacs Lake walleye guide, Tony Roach, shares how to use side-imaging sonar (Lowrance StructureScan) to locate and cast to large schools of walleye while driving around with the big motor.


Hunting walleyes, as Roach refers to it, is an excellent tactic when fish are schooled up and scatted across sand or gravel flats. As the screenshots demonstrate, fish stand out with superb clarity, allowing you to drop a waypoint then immediately pitch on them using a jig and minnow, paddle tail swimbait, and in some instances crankbaits and jerkbaits. You’ll connect with more fish and a lot faster using this technique rather than waiting for the fish to come to you.


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