What to Look for in a Crappie Fishing Rod for Vertical Jigging

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The perfect crappie fishing rod for vertical jigging crappie has evolved over time. A lot of guys started with short 5-foot spinning rods. Then realizing they needed to stay back from the fish as they dipped jigs in cover, they went to fly rods. But most of those were too wispy to give you control over big crappie in cover.

Finally some heavier backbone rods were designed for fishing thick cover and controlling and swinging big 2 and 3-pound crappie in without a net. Now these heavy duty crappie rods have become the norm but there is still a lot of nuance with selecting the right jigging rod.The perfect setup also involves line choice and reel choice. 

Kevin Rogers helped design a crappie rod gear around how he has been catching crappie for more than 20 years. The rod is light and sensitive but strong enough to swing the biggest crappie in the lake. He sits down and runs through the ins and outs of vertical jigging crappie on cover and how he attacks them with the perfect crappie rod and reel setup for fishing.


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