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Ice Fishing GIANT Crappies: Find Fish Others are Missing

Crappies are notorious for making constant moves, which makes finding and staying on top of them an ongoing challenge when ice fishing. Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson shares some advanced tactics for locating schools of crappies then extending the bite window with minimal hole drilling and moves.


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Lateral viewing sonar technologies like Garmin Panoptix have advanced the fish-finding process to new levels. Kyle shares his method for finding fish fast by interpreting the marks on the screen then honing his final hole-drilling locations with little commotion.

Once you’re on the school, it’s time to get to business with efficient baits that get down to the fish quickly and draw reaction strikes. Peterson shares a technique for plucking the most active fish from the top of the pack while reducing spooking the rest. He details his rod and line set up for subtle bite detection, driving hooks home, and keeping papermouths hooked during the fight.

The beauty of this system is that it allows you to get away from community hole crowds and target unexploited fish — this often translates to fast action with the biggest and most active crappie in the system.