Crappie & Panfish

Find and Catch Big Crappie on Brush Piles

Find and Catch Big Crappie on Brush Piles

Panfish love woody cover, and brush piles just might be the most consistent producer of crappie throughout the year. If you learn how to find brush piles and identify which ones have lots of fish, you’re gonna have a well-stocked freezer. Wired2Fish Publisher Jason Sealock is an electronics super user, but as he points out in this video, powerful sonar technologies such as side and down imaging has been brought down to more affordably priced electronics like the Lowrance Elite Series and the Humminbird Helix. Side imaging helps you quickly find brush piles, and then determine if they’re holding fish. A good old marker buoy and a handful of jigs and plastics rounds out this simple program.

Gear Used:

Strike King Shad Pole
1/16-ounce Strike King Jighead
Lowrance HDS-12 Gen3
Lew’s Wally Marshall Rods
Pflueger Trion reel

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