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Crappie Fishing Baits | Why Color is Least Important

Walk into your favorite tackle shop, and you’re likely to see a wall with hundreds of crappie baits in every conceivable color and profile, but do you need a huge assortment to be successful? Legendary crappie fishing guide Todd Huckabee thinks not and shares his opinion on why crappie bait presentation (size, profile, action) and depth trumps color when it comes to getting fish to bite.

Huckabee’s opinion is grounded in hundreds of annual days spent guiding and experimenting with various presentations. Live fish finder imaging technology like Garmin Panoptix LiveScope allows Huckabee to test tackle on fish in realtime. His takeaway? Dial-in your bait profile and present it correctly, and you’ll get the crappies to eat. A simple 3- to 4 color assortment in a variety of profiles is all you need.