How to Catch Pond Crappies with Bobbers and Live Bait

Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, fishing with bobbers is an excellent way to catch a bunch of different gamefish species. With a simple ultralight spinning rod, some 4-pound monofilament fishing line and a bucket of minnows, you’ll be able to fool just about anything that swims in your fisheries.


In this video, Wired2fish’s Walker Smith and Kyle Peterson take to a small lake that Walker has managed for several years. They had some considerable success earlier in the day using soft plastics for big bass, but after seeing dozens of crappie bust the surface, they couldn’t help but head to the local bait shop to grab some small minnows. The crappie were just beginning to move towards their spring spawning grounds, so they were uneducated and definitely hungry. Nearly every cast resulted in a bite for several hours and some nice bass even joined the party.

Join Walker and Kyle as they fill the livewells with some beautiful crappie and share some helpful pointers that will help you catch a bunch on this tried and true technique.

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