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Bluegill Fishing Tips with Bobbers and Plastic Lures

With spring in full swing, it’s now a great time to go fishing for bluegill sunfish in shallow water where they’re accessible and eagerly biting. Soft plastics fished under a bobber can be just as productive as live bait but without the inconvenience (rebaiting hooks, mess, keeping bait alive). Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson shares his simple bluegill fishing setup consisting of a slip bobber and jig and plastic.


Peterson foregoes the use of a split shot in favor of 1/16-ounce tungsten jig. This compact slip bobber system allows for pinpoint pitching around cover, long-distance casting, and targeting panfish in shallow to deep water all without retying. It’s an easy and effective way to catch all species of panfish be it bluegill, shell crackers, crappie or perch.