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Angler Faces $24k Fine for Too Many Bluegills

73-year-old Stanley Paalksnis from Onalaska, Wisc. could potentially have to pay a $24,682 fine for keeping too many bluegills while fishing on Lake Onalaska and the Mississippi River.

An undercover DNR officer watched the angler keep 22 bluegills and 5 unidentified fish the morning of November 4. Paalksnis fished again that afternoon and was witnessed keeping 25 bluegills. The daily limit is 25.

He initially would not authorities into his house without a search warrant. Once the warrant was obtained, more than 150 fillets were found in his freezers and refrigerators. He was issued 4 citations.

Prosecutors want the angler’s fishing privileges revoked and his boat and freezers confiscated. Between 1989 and 2011, the DNR issued Paalksnis 7 citations for fishing over the limit and his privileges were revoked twice.

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