How to Fish Shallow-Diving Crankbaits for Fall Bass

Pro bass angler Edwin Evers credits his first national fishing tournament win to a shallow-diving crankbait. He discusses when and how to fish wakebaits and shallow-diving crankbaits to catch scattered fall bass. Cooling water temperatures often pull baitfish and bass into the shallows, where they disperse across flats and points. A shallow-diving crankbait is an excellent tool for combing expanses of water quickly while fishing cleanly over grass and other cover elements that snag or fowl deep running lures.

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While topwater bass fishing can extend well into the fall, they tend to fizzle when water temps drop to a certain point. Bass will still feed up near the surface, however, where the right combination of sound, profile, and action triggers big bass to eat. Evers shares his favorite all-around shallow-diving crankbait color and why he fishes these baits exclusively using 14-pound test fluorocarbon.

As with any moving bait, you must experiment with different retrieve speeds to determine the best cadence. While burning can be a trigger, Evers usually employs a somewhat steady and slow retrieve speed to trigger bass when water temperatures descend into the mid-50s and below. The bottom line — don’t overlook these shallow-diving baits during the fall cool down.

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