Why ChatterBaits Excel for Post Spawn Bass

Professional bass angler Mark Daniels provides some reasons why you should fish vibrating jigs during the post spawn period. First off, the bass post spawn coincides with other forage spawning activities. Given the fact that they’re designed to be fish horizontally, ChatterBaits are excellent shad and bluegill-imitating baits when used in the right color and paired with certain plastics.

Daniels highlights the fact that most bass anglers switch to weedless vertical presentations like Texas rigs and jigs around grass and wood. This is exactly when he reaches for a weedless ChatterBait — bass aren’t nearly as conditioned to vibrating horizontal baits around cover. The Z-Man Project Z ChatterBait brush guard allows it to be fished cleanly through cover like brush, laydowns and grass … conditions where exposed hook varieties are more susceptible to snagging.


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