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2 Bladed Jig Trailer Styles That Work Everywhere

When it comes to bladed jigs in bass fishing, choosing the right soft plastic trailer can greatly enhance the number of bites you get. With thousands of potential pairings, Ott DeFoe boils his selection down to 2 proven bait styles that cover you everywhere.

For him, the decision is based on the primary forage — usually crawfish or baitfish. If you’re seeing crawfish claws in your boat or livewell, a flat-profiled crawfish plastic grabs their attention with the added benefit of being and excellent skipping bait. If shad, bluegills or minnows are on the menu, it’s tough to beat a slender paddle tail swimbait.  

Keep your color selection simple. Simply match to the forage as well, with variations of brown and green pumpkin matching craws while silvers and whites mimic baitfish.