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Two Important Performance Upgrades for Tow Vehicles

As with most people who fish, I am a tinkerer. Most, like me, believe if it’s good it can even be better with a tweak here or there. Some of the best lures to ever hit the marketplace were ones that took a good idea and made it great. Something as simple as a different hook, better split rings or a blade change can take a bait to the next level. We all know that color and size of the lure are part of it, too. Just about every lake in the country has a color or bait that rises above others.

Figuring out the nuances or a subtle tweak can be a game changer. The same is true with our tow vehicles and a mile per gallon more or more horsepower out of “Old Betsy” just makes the experience better. I have incredibly impressed with a company that takes that to a whole new level: SuperChips.


If you didn’t know it, you can quickly find out that today’s late-model vehicles are more computers than ever before. Just about everything on your vehicle today is run by some kind of chip, sensor or gadget and because they are electronic it scares that heck out of most old shade-tree mechanics. Not this one. Reading, having a mechanic friend or two and knowing how and engine works plus finding a company you have confidence in can make a huge difference.

Superchips Flashpaq customization tuner module allows me to run as deep or shallow into an engine and tow vehicle as I want to dig. Tire pressure, shift sequencing, fuel use and efficient use of available horsepower plus having the ability to manage it much deeper than factory settings can make significant differences. Better power, better torque and better fuel economy is what Flashpaq is all about. It’s called “performance tuning” and I trust 30-plus years of experience from Superchips on my trucks. The investment in our tow vehicles is not something you mess with much but a tweak here and a customization there just makes good, better. 

The tuner allows me to individualize my truck for the type of driving I do. Whether I am searching for more power, better fuel economy and better towing capacity with less shifting the Flashpaq tuner makes it easier. 

It takes about 5 minutes for more performance and better mileage and the step by step guide via the tuner makes sure you set the computer in your truck perfectly so there is no guessing. The Superchips Flashpaq walks you through it and you don’t have to be a mechanic to figure it out either. You can always revert back to stock settings at any time with the same tuner. Three or four easy steps and you will notice the changes immediately. 

I have minimally adjusted my shift points, shift firmness and rev limiters plus calibrated my speedometer to make it as accurate as possible. 

You can dig as deep as you want but I have found little tweaks more to my liking and comfort level. I combined the tune with a cold air intake and am very pleased with the result. 

Jammer Cold Air Intake

Combined with the tuner I chose to add a Jammer Cold Air Intake as well. Besides better performance, the Jammer intake allows the engine to breathe better. In particular when towing heavy loads, lower-end torque is huge. I noticed right away that my engine sounded more “throaty” but the proof has been more power and better fuel economy. My best towing mileage on the road has been increased by 4 miles per gallon. That is unheard of. 

In a nutshell, a cold air intake unrestricts the cooler air delivered to your engine. Stock systems are quieter but they also eliminate the air delivered to your engine too. Cold and denser air generates more power. More power, better fuel economy and my engine has never sounded better.

One of the best things about this unit is the filter itself as it is washable and reusable over and over for best performance for the long haul. 

Installation and customization

I have now installed four of the Superchips kits-two for me and two others that included intake and chip tuning. My buddies are lining up to get theirs done too once they see the benefits. Superchips has the equipment for just about every domestic truck and SUV

Uninstalling of the old and installation of the new takes a total of about two hours. Taking the old parts off usually takes longer that the actual install. Since Superchips knows these engines like the back of their hand it is basically a plug and play for the intake. I have read everything I can on the tuning parts of the install and can now quickly got through the steps in a minimal amount of time. You do not have to be a mechanic to install the intake or tune the engine. Knowing what you want to accomplish means more. 

Pairing the Superchips Flashpaq tuner with the Jammer Cold Air intake is the optimum way to get increased fuel economy, more power and a better vehicle driving experience. The total cost of this package depending on your vehicle is below $600.00 when purchased together so you can realize a return on that investment very quickly. Discount programs are ongoing on their website. 

Ease of install, better engine performance and the ability to return to stock takes minutes. Those who know me know I am always looking for better ways to make the experience of fishing and getting to the lake better. Superchips does just that. For more information and to find the kit that is best for your truck got to