How to Prepare Trailers for Towing: Leveling and Balance

Most truck owners tow a variety of trailer types but often overlook achieving a level and balanced tow, compromising both safety and equipment. Wired2Fish contributor, Joe Nelson from Joe’s Garage, demonstrates the value of using adjustable height trailer hitches to achieve a level trailer position and how to balance your payload for smooth trailering.


Adjustable height, multi-ball hitches allow you to connect to a variety of trailers with a single hitch. As Nelson points out, you can mount an adjustable hitch in the up or down position, providing several inches or even feet of leveling adjustability. Nelson walks through the leveling process followed by connecting the trailer coupler to the ball, safety chains, and why the surge brake cable (if equipped) needs to attach to the hitch and not the safety chains. Lastly, Nelson explains the importance of balancing the trailer load over the axle(s), and how to check for balance using your eye or a level.


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