Prolong the Life of Your Tow Vehicle

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Webster describes an elixir as a substance held capable of changing base metals into gold  and/or a substance held capable of prolonging life indefinitely. Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer has this definition down pat. It can indeed make a silk purse out of a sows ear with cars and trucks too, prolonging engine life and making your car run like gold again. Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer seems almost like magic as it quiets, decreases smoke and increases performance the instant it’s poured in the vehicle.

The Product

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is a thick honey-like petroleum liquid that can be used on both new and older vehicles. Designed to eliminate dry starts, the number one cause of wear in engines, Lucas Oil Stabilizer also decreases smoking, knocking and oil consumption. It seals worn cylinders and eliminates blow-by causing less pollution too. It’s a two-in-one product that can also be used in transmissions and differentials too. It will not void new car warranties and will make your old car run like new again.

The Tests

Case in point is my son’s 2003 Audi A4. Generally speaking, it has run well, but gas mileage has decreased with age, performance had dropped and there were a few rattles during cold start and on acceleration. Tuning it up helped a bit but the most significant improvement occurred right after we ran a quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer in it. It was almost instantaneous. From the moment we poured it in, the engine quieted and he gained horsepower and fuel economy back.

One trip around the block the A4 ran like a new car again and has to date, as well. We might have thought it was a coincidence or a fluke but the same thing happened with our Wired2Fish engineer’s Blazer. He added it and his car changed so quickly, he could not believe the improvement. Quiet, better starts and better fuel economy. By reducing friction it makes all internal parts run smoother and increases oil pressure plus reduces heat. Your tow vehicle will run cooler which means it will run BETTER.

Using Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is a great choice as an oil additive  and based on the results we have seen here in the Man Cave, it will work for your cars and tow vehicles too.

Pardon the pun, but there is no smoke and mirrors with this product. It is the real deal.

To learn more go to the Lucas Oil Website.