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Annual Trailer Inspection Basics – Washing and Lubrication

Few pieces of equipment are exposed to harsh elements like trailers. Highways deliver a steady supply of salts and other corrosive compounds resulting in rust (steel), oxidation (aluminum), and a buildup of grime that affects electrical and mechanical components, appearance and overall performance. As such, it’s good practice to give your trailer an annual washing and lubrication once-over to avoid problems and extend the serviceable life of your trailer investment.

McKeon “Keys” Roberts walks us through his simple DIY process for maintaining Wired2Fish’s fully enclosed snowmobile/ATV trailer after a harsh winter. This trailer is built with a variety of mechanisms and materials, so Keys uses an assortment of WD-40 Specialist products, each formulated for specific uses to ensure optimal lubrication and wear over time. Given the involved nature, we excluded servicing wheeler bearings – this will be covered in a follow-on video.