Jetboil Flash Cooking System Review

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I’ve loved competing in fishing tournaments for as long as I can remember. All throughout high school, college and beyond I have travelled all over the United States competing in these events. While this is an absolute blast, it comes with its fair share of struggles. One of the biggest issues I’ve ran into traveling for these events is finding quality food. Spending long hours on the water is not the ideal recipe for a healthy diet, so managing this reality can sometimes be a struggle. I recently starting testing out various methods for making food on the boat, and I wanted to share my experience trying out the Jetboil Flash Cooking System. 

I was recently referred to this product by my parents who are both avid hunters. They used a Jetboil to cook nearly every meal they ate over a 10-day backpacking trip in the arctic circle, and they thought it might be a handy addition to the bass boat. Over the last several months Ive tested this product making a variety of different meals from the boat. I’ve found this to be an extremely quick and delicious way to prepare lunch on the water thanks to its efficiency and overall simplicity.



A Jetboil Flash Cooking System is simply a portable burner and cup that’s capable of boiling water in under 90 seconds. This setup doesn’t require much gear, and is great for on the go cooking. My setup consists of a burner, cup, lid and a heat proof cover. The burner has a built in starter so you don’t need a lighter, and the entire setup weighs less than 1-pound. I typically just throw the entire setup in my tackle compartment and forget about it until its time to make a meal. Not only is this product extremely convenient for making lunch on the boat, but you’re able to cook a variety of different foods using minimal equipment and effort.


This setup is perfect for making coffee, soup, ramen or other simple meals. Some of my favorites include ramen noodles, oatmeal and hot dogs. Another great option is buying pre packaged dehydrated meals. You can leave these in the compartment of your boat and they’ll last forever. Simply boil water using your Flash Cooking System and then pour it into your dehydrated meal. This is a quick an easy way to eat quality food while spending time on the water. 

Since getting my Flash Cooking System, I’ve developed a routine for eating on the boat that has quickly become a necessity when spending long days on the water. Whenever I go to a tournament or out of town to fish, l will usually stop by the grocery store and grab a few Items. My usuals consist of Kodiak protein oatmeal, ramen noodle cups and hotdogs. I will usually start out in the morning by fishing a few hours, then once it gets around 9 o’clock I will typically make some oatmeal. Using the Flash Cooking System this takes under 90 seconds and is a healthier alternative to eating fast food meals.

Jetboil flash cooking


I used to waste a ton of time each morning going to fast food restaurants for breakfast when I could have been on the water fishing. I have also tried buying lunch meat and other cold Items to take on the boat for lunch. While this method works, I found myself preferring a warm meal on the boat, especially in colder temperatures. This is when I really enjoy the Flash Cooking System from Jetboil. 

Being an avid tournament angler means that I fish year round. That means going on the water in frigid temperatures, even when the conditions are less than ideal. While having the proper cold weather gear makes a big difference, I’ve found that a warm meal is one of the quickest ways to warm your body up in the cold. Not only does the Flash cooking System make quality food, but it puts out a noticeable amount of heat while boiling water. This is great for taking a short break to warm your hands in cold temperatures. The material used to make the Fish Cooking System also cools exceedingly fast, making it safe and easy to toss back in your storage compartment shortly after use. 

Maintaining a healthy diet while spending long hours on the water is undoubtably a struggle. However, Jet Boil has helped alleviate this issue by creating a safe, portable and efficient way to cook food in the outdoors. If your looking for fun new way to enjoy quality food in the outdoors, the Flash Cooking System from Jetboil might just be your answer.