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As an expansion to Walker Smith’s Angler Aid Kit Review, we caught up with Brandon Palaniuk to get his take on the importance of first aid, safety, and utility gear in various fishing situations. He co-designed the Angler Aid Safety Kits, which provide an assortment of supplies and tools to deliver basic first aid, general safety, fishing convenience, and maintenance capability.



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As hardcore anglers, we take extraordinary measures to ensure our fishing gear is ready for action. Still, we often fail at risk management which spans the gamut of first aid and safety to fixing equipment. Palaniuk shares some specific case-in-point where his Angler Aid provided essential first aid against cuts, hook removal, warding off infection, and getting his boat mechanically sound for a trip back to the dock. Three different sizes and mixed assortments allow you to choose the kit right for your fishing style, be it from a boat, kayak, or the shore.