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Angler Aid Kit Review

Angler Aid Kit Review

In all my years of bass fishing, I’ve rarely carried a first-aid kit on my adventures. I’d trample through the woods and find the most desolate places imaginable and I guess you could say I thought I was invincible… until one particular day, that is.

My wife and I were fishing with crankbaits on an early spring day and my lure snagged something that, at first, I thought might be a big bass. As I leaned into the “fish”, however, I quickly learned that I was snagged on a burlap sack (weird, I know) and as I attempted to snatch my lure from the sack, both treble hooks went directly into my fingers. Those darn hooks pinned my middle finger and thumb together and I can assure you that it certainly didn’t tickle. I quickly realized I was totally unprepared for the moment. It honestly didn’t hurt very much but again, my right hand was completely immobile. Because I wasn’t prepared, I had to go to the emergency room for just 10 minutes and the bill came out to roughly $900. What a waste of money.

Since then, I’ve made a concerted effort to keep some sort of first aid in my boat. I’ve been testing out the Angler Aid Safety Kit for the last few months and it has given me a major peace of mind while I’m in the boat. Regardless of what I’m faced with throughout a day of fishing, it’s been pretty nice knowing that I have a reliable safety kit in my back compartment.

Hang with me for a few minutes and I’ll tell you what I’ve liked so much about it.



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Quick fixes that will get you back to the boat ramp

Angler Aid Kit Review

Having a 22-year-old bass boat, I’ve had to become fairly proficient at fixing things on the fly. I’m not necessarily a mechanical-type guy but when you’re running an older rig, things don’t work on hopes and dreams. Stuff breaks and you have to figure out how to fix it for at least long enough to get back to the boat ramp. Instead of getting towed in by a good samaritan, I think some of the items in the Angler Aid Kit will sure come in handy.

It includes super glue which, in my opinion, is a must-have for any angler. Whether you’re fishing from the bank and need to secure your swimbait to a particular jighead or you need a quick connection in your bass boat, it’s one of those products you shouldn’t be without. This kit also includes hose clamps that can really come in handy when you’re dealing with on-the-go plumbing issues with your older livewell systems.

I also like how the kit includes fuses because for whatever reason, my older bass boat loves to blow fuses. Instead of that ruining both my mood and fishing day, this little kit allows me to quickly address the problem and enjoy the rest of my day.

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The instant ice pack is a great addition

Angler Aid Kit Review

It’s tough to keep ice in our neck of the woods. With temperatures routinely hovering above the 100-degree mark, it’s not always as easy as heading to the corner store on your way to the boat ramp. By lunchtime, it’s not uncommon for your ice to be completely melted. But man, when I hooked my fingers together, I sure wish I had a cold compress until I got to the hospital. Also worth noting, we fish a lot of stump fields in my area and they’re known to play host to wasp nests throughout the warmer months. When you get stung by one of those suckers, you’d be willing to give your right arm for an ice pack.

The instant ice pack included in the Angler Aid Kit is super convenient and easy to use. You rub it together and by some sort of scientific miracle, it gets cold and helps keep the swelling down if something should happen.

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Excellent multi-tool included

Angler Aid Kit Review

I love a good multi-tool and I tend to keep them all over the place. I’ll have one in my truck, my wife’s SUV and I also have several in my shop; you just can’t have enough. The multi-tool included in this kit is a really high-quality tool. It includes spring-loaded pliers, multiple screwdriver bits, a file and multiple knife blades. If you need to make a quick repair or heck, even if your primary fishing pliers fall into the water, it’s nice to know you have a sufficient backup tucked away in your boat.

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The first-aid spray is really good

Angler Aid Kit Review

My wife and I have been using this first-aid spray for the better part of a year. I don’t exactly know what’s in it and I’m not going to pretend I do but it sure works wonders when you get a cut. Our psychotic cat scratched the heck out of my wife this past year and she was bleeding all over the place. After we washed and sanitized the area, I ran out to my shop and grabbed this spray for her. Not only did it help stop the sting and pain but it also helped the wounds heal very quickly. Within about four days, you could hardly tell she got scratched.

In regards to fishing, I can see how this will be handy in a myriad of ways. Whether you get pricked by a hook or if you’re working on something in your back compartment and jack up your hands, I think it’s a great idea to keep some of this spray on standby.

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When your phone light won’t cut it, this flashlight is legit

Angler Aid Kit Review

If you’re anything like me, you don’t carry around a flashlight much anymore; instead, I’ll turn on my phone’s flashlight and just hope for the best. That works most of the time but when your batteries die or you suspect some sort of electrical issue right after sunset, that little phone light doesn’t offer a whole lot of help.

The flashlight included in this kit comes in handy in a pinch. It’s much brighter than my phone’s flashlight feature and again, it’s one of those things you don’t even think about until you really need it.

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Final thoughts

Angler Aid Kit Review

First-aid kits are rarely in the forefront of an angler’s mind but when a sticky situation presents itself, it’s important to have access to one. This box goes beyond your traditional kits and is specifically catered to the needs of an angler. Whether you’re dealing with mechanical issues or personal injury, you’ll be able to enjoy some peace of mind with the Angler Aid Kit. We have ’em in our boat, truck and SUV at all times.

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