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Brothers Double Up on Record Crappie

Two brothers reeled in the biggest black and white crappies ever caught on the Concho River. Mason and Michael Schwartz caught the pending-record black and white crappie in early March according to Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Texas Parks and Wildlife stated that it was Mason Schwartz who caught the record black crappie, weighing in at 1.4 pounds and 12.5 inches. Michael Schwartz boated the record white crappie, weighing in at 1.25 pounds and over 13 inches in length. Both Micheal and Mason were actually bass fishing during the times of their catch. It’s said that Mason caught his black crappie on a topwater popper, while Micheal caught his on a spinnerbait.

Black and white crappie inhabit both lakes and rivers all over Texas. These fish vary in size based on the fishery and are often abundant in numbers. Distinguishing between black and white crappie can be fairly easy based on their pattern differences and preferences for different types of cover. Black crappie are known for holding tight to cover such as stumps or brush piles, while white crappie tend to suspend in the water column.

The Concho River is located in central Texas and home to numerous species of game fish. The previous record on this body of water for white weighed in at .82 ounces and measured 12.5 inches in length. T. Dean McIntruff caught this record on a fly rod back in 2007. Mason Schwartz’s fish is the first record for black crappie that Texas Parks and Wildlife has ever recorded on this body of water.