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Why Bank Fish Bass off the Beaten Path

This isn’t a comprehensive how-to, rather a short video on the pure fun and effectiveness of beating your own path to where other anglers haven’t been. Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson bushwacks back to a small river pool he suspects has some quality largemouth bass. With a single spinning rod, a few hooks and a single bag of plastics, he confirms his suspicions with some quality fish.

Kyle compares the process of bank hunting bass to that of a bowhunter, stressing the importance of stealth and a simple gear complement that allows you to move with ease. His system of choice is the Tiny Child Rig (TCD). It’s a tongue-in-cheek name for a nail-weighted Z-Man TRD reverse Texas-rigged on a VMC Neko Hook. Check out Kyle’s video on rigging the Tiny Child Rig