Simple Bank Fishing System for Bass

A large majority of anglers fish from the bank, and you can have a lot of success fishing from the bank. But it’s not often as easy as fishing from a boat where you can run around and try lots of different techniques in lots of different spots. But if you consider several key factors and keep a simple system, you can effectively breakdown the water and catch fish all year round from the bank.

In this video, I share some of the simple tips I employ when I’m bank fishing no matter where I fish all across the country. I still bank fish a lot but I’m careful in considering where, when and how I fish for bass from the bank. The key things I consider are mobility, location, size of the body of water, clarity of water and time of day. Even with all that said, I’m usually going to start with either a search bait like a topwater or a Chatterbait or I will reach for a soft plastic, often fished weightless in cleaner water and Texas rigged around cover and dirtier water.

I’ve caught several 6-8 pound bass the last couple of years being selective and fishing smaller bodies of water, early and late and searching for specific pieces of cover and likely big bass holding areas on each body of water. Check out the video and employ these tactics and see if it helps you land more bass from the bank.

Gear used in this video:

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