Vanilla Bug Spray Review

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Bugs are something all outdoorsman deal with on a daily basis. These insects aren’t just annoying, they can also carry harmful diseases. One of the best ways to combat this issue is by applying a variety of bug sprays when faced with biting insects. While there are many companies that sell numerous types of bug sprays, most feature harmful chemicals that can cause damage to your skin. Vanilla Bug Spray has created a formula that effectively repels all types of insects without the use of harmful chemicals.


Vanilla Bug Spray


Vanilla Bug Spray is a product designed for all skin types. It contains no harsh chemicals and is made using natural ingredients. Vanilla Bug Spray is deet free and safe for every member of the family, including pets. Specially formulated to repel Buffalo Gnats, the Original Vanilla Bug Spray also works against flies, noseeums, gnats, ticks and more. Not only is the product natural, but its available in a variety of different forms. Vanilla Bug Spray offers multiple different sprays, candles, incense and balms to handle any outdoor scenario. 

Vanilla Bug Spray


One of my favorite places to use this product is on my annual trip to Lake Okeechobee. Every year my friends and I make the trip down to Southern Florida for a few days of bass fishing. We typically go in the spring when the weather is hot and the fish are spawning. Each year we get the same house  located only a few minutes from the ramp, however its surrounded by marsh. This causes the mosquitos to become almost unbearable, making rigging up in the evening a real chore. 

The best way I’ve found to combat this issue is by using a mix of both the Eucalyptus Candle and the Original Vanilla Bug Spray. I prefer the candle when I’m sitting around the house as it doesn’t require me to put anything on my clothes or skin. However, I prefer the spray when fishing or doing other outdoor activities. This spray does a great job at stick to both your clothes and skin, minimizing the amount of times you have to re-apply. Not only is this product long tasting, it has a much better scent compared to your traditional bug spray. 

Vanilla Bug Spray


For the last several years I’ve been competing in college fishing tournaments all over the country. These travels have allowed me to meet seasoned fisherman from all walks of life. One of my good friends and fellow college angler Connor Jacob is originally from central Illinois, regionally known for its seasonal buffalo gnat hatch. Every summer these insects cover the state as they continue to hatch across the region. This can make outdoor activities nearly impossible, as these insects continuously fly into your noes, ears and mouth. 

Each year Connor and many others rely on the products from Vanilla Bug Spray to alleviate this issue. Connor is an extremely dedicated fisherman, spending countless day on the water competing in tournaments all over the country. This product allows him and many others to stay on the water even when the conditions are less than ideal. While this may seem like a small issue at first, it can make a real difference in making your time on the water more enjoyable.

Vanilla Bug Spray offers a variety of sprays, candles, incense and balms meant to handle any insect that comes your way. Not only are these products effective, but they don’t include harmful chemicals or harsh smells. If your looking for a skin safe product that effectively repels all types of insects, look no further than Vanilla Bug Spray.