2 Tricks to Keep Warm on the Water

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Unless you have the ability to pay hundreds of dollars for state of the art gear, staying warm while fishing can seem difficult. Not only is it simply uncomfortable to have a permanent chill in your spine during your time on the water, but it also makes simple tasks, such as knot tying, a pain. If the cold keeps you from chasing big winter bass, there are 2 simple and inexpensive things you can do to maintain a warm core temperature.

Hand warmers in your wrist bands

Many anglers use hand warmers to keep their hands warm on the water. More often than not, however, I’ve found hand warmers to be a very temporary relief. Sure—they feel good when you’ve got them in your gloves, but they get annoying eventually and end up stuffed in my jacket, never to be used again.

To combat this problem, I like to put these hand warmers under the wrist band of my sweatshirt, directly on the underside of my wrist. The veins in your wrist are a major highway for blood, and when you warm those veins, your blood also warms up and pumps into the rest of your body.

Keeping these hand warmers out of your gloves allows you to firmly hold your rod, therefore increasing sensitivity, while also freeing your hands for knot tying, fish handling and lure modifications.

If you’re having problems keeping the hand warmers in place, simply wrap them loosely with athletic tape. Be careful not to wrap them too tightly, and if it feels too hot on your skin, remove them immediately.

HeatWraps on your back


Nothing is more uncomfortable than leaning over in cold weather, exposing your bare back to the elements. If you thought you were cold before, you’ll be miserable in a hurry if this happens. Once that chill gets to you, it’s hard to get rid of. To avoid this situation, here’s a little secret a duck-hunting buddy gave me.

Get some HeatWraps at your local drug store and wear them on your lower back while you’re on the water. Depending on what’s comfortable, you can either put them directly on your skin or over a thin first layer. They don’t get too hot, but provide the perfect amount of warmth to keep your core temperature at a reasonable level.

HeatWraps come with an adjustable and reusable fabric wrap that doesn’t itch or dig into your skin. When worn correctly, they won’t ride up when you cast or move around the boat—you’ll forget you’re wearing them. If you’re the thrifty type, most major drug stores carry generic brands that are available for nearly half the price.

Don’t let the cold weather scare you away from bass fishing this winter. Whether you’re on the ice or the open water this winter, these quick and inexpensive tips can make your fishing days much more enjoyable. Stay tuned for more tips on keeping warm!

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