Bass Boat Crashes in Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit Tour


As anglers were just getting started on Smith Lake Thursday morning during the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit Tour, angler Aaron Britt experienced a terrifying bass boat crash on the way to his first fishing spot. As he was driving his Ranger bass boat, he lost control and ramped onto a rocky point and somehow remained inside the boat. According to his original Instagram post following the incident, Britt was upset that nobody stopped to help him after the crash. He also stated that the boat was totaled.

Things like this can happen in the blink of an eye which underlines the importance of always wearing your PFD and kill switch. We are glad Britt is okay!

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Right after Day 1 launch

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Looks to get caught in another boat’s wake

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Approaching the shoreline

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A very scary experience

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Somehow the angler was able to stay inside the boat

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Thankful the angler is okay

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The boat is reportedly totaled and Britt will be borrowing a boat for the rest of the tournament.