Does Frog Color Matter? Underwater View

Hollow body frogs come in a huge array of colors — this begs the question, “can bass even make out color from the bait’s underside?” This “What It Looks Like” addresses the question by comparing four common colors: black, white, natural/frog and transparent.

FEATURED BAIT: SPRO Bronzeye Frog 65

We ran our test on a clear body of water and in sparse cover so the camera could clearly see the frog. The video displays distinct differences in color and silhouettes. This supports the angler mindset that color can be an important factor when frogging. Many anglers prefer white when bass are feeding on shad. Bluegills colors when they’re on beds, etc. Bottom line, it’s worth experimenting with color and a fun process too, especially on heavily pressured waters where they’ve seen the mainstay colors (black, white and natural). 

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