KVD’s Tournament-Winning Cranking System

“Cranking is my go-to technique” according to Kevin VanDam, and produced his 2016 Elite Series win on famed Toledo Bend. Seems timely then to run this video of KVD explaining each component of his cranking system – rod, reel, line, and lure. The backbone of it all is his Quantum Tour KVD Crankin Rods, which have custom engineered materials and actions to deliver casting distance, power, and critical lure response. His Quantum Tour MG Casting Reel has a wider spool to accommodate more line for better casting distance and line pickup. The lower 5.3:1 gear ratio has the power needed for horsing fish out of cover and handling crankbaits ranging in size from the Strike King Series 3 to the super-sized Strike King 10XD. Fluorocarbon line ranging from 10-17 pound test is key given it’s sinking and abrasion resistant properties. Of note, KVD is a firm believer in upgrading crankbait hooks if the stock ones lack stiffness and can fowl onto each other. He talks hook specifics and why heavier gauge short shank trebles like the Mustad KVD Elite Series Short Shank Triple Grip Hooks will help you keep bass pinned.      

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