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Wacky Rig Bass | Cox’s 4 Tips to Improve Success

Most of us want to power fish with moving baits (check out John’s swim jig video), but success can be hit or miss. It’s a fact that bass love plastic worms like babies love nooks, and when the bite gets tough, few lures produce like a wacky-rigged worm. Florida bass fishing phenom John Cox discusses when to reach for a wacky rig, how to fish it, and his preferred tackle and rod setup.

Cox’s 4 tips to improve wacky rigging success:
  1. Use a copolymer leader line. Cox wants suppleness and stretch in the leader material when fishing a no-stretch mainline. A fluorocarbon-infused copolymer delivers excellent handing, stretch, and abrasion resistance. These attributes increase bait action, and in turn, bites while reducing line breakage and hook tears.
  2. Choose baits with scent. Yes, good action is essential but pressured bass has seen the routine. Cox is a huge believer in the triggering power of PowerBait MaxScent, especially when targeting conditioned fish.
  3. Use a finesse wide gap hook. Cox has fished them all and now wacky-rigs nearly exclusively using a size #1, short-shank, wide-gap hook.
  4. Make underhand casts. Long, underhand pitches keep your line-to-line knot in good shape (less stress) and deliver better accuracy when fishing around cover.