Spintech Treble Hooks introduced

We have seen some outstanding creativity and innovation in treble hooks in the last few months. Mustad comes out with the new short shanked KVD Elite Triple Grips and all that happens is Kevin VanDam wins the Bassmaster Classic. He was throwing a Strike King Redeye Shad with those hooks and gave credit to them in the win. Ever remember a treble hook getting credit for a major tournament win?

Recently we came upon a California based company called BassStar Bait Company who has designed a rotating treble, the first of its kind, that doesn’t allow the fish to get leverage against the bait. Anglers for years have known that this condition has caused them to lose fish on crankbaits and topwaters. Although the idea is simple, this hook surely is not. They are made with high carbon steel, have surgically sharpened needle points and are tough as nails. They are not bulky to cause baits to lose action and are built with sound manufacturing practices.

They come in the standard No. 1, 2, 4 and 6 sizes but also come in 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0 sizes for larger baits as well. More sizes are on the way.

Anglers who have tried them swear by them, and we recently spoke to Elite pro Dave Wolak who said “These hooks have made a major difference in my hooking to landing ratio. Bass cannot get leverage, and that means they won’t throw the hook. These hooks are not a novelty but rather an essential tool for my baits.”

You can learn more or buy by clicking here.

You can view the Basstar website by clicking here.

To see a great video about the Spintech Treble Hook click here.

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