Huddleston’s New Designer Frog

Ken Huddleston collaborated with western big bass expert Dennis Miller and created a new frog, the first ever frog in the Huddleston line-up. With a strategically designed air pocket in the head, the bait floats and can be fished slower than others with similar shapes. The air pocket is in the head of the bait, and the torso and legs are solid so they dangle deeper like a real frog.
“It took a bunch of convincing by Dennis for us to do this project,” said Huddleston. “We are noted for our subtle-action swimbaits, and this was stepping out a bit. We wanted a bait that could be fished fast or slow, and this design allows for that.
“This shape has proven to be a good fish catcher, several companies have a similar shape, but we hand carve our molds, hand paint all of our baits, work very hard on the eyes — as much  as other spend on the entire bait.”This bait has a  specially designed mandrel that we made here that allowed us to put that air pocket in it, like most of our weedless baits. The  hollow head, hook slot and beefed up legs plus a soft body allow for better action and hook up oercentages.”
A 4/0 wide gap hook with an offset works well for this 4-inch bait, and each bait is sold separately for $4.99.  We just got five of them at ICAST and have not  yet tested them.
“We will see what fish  say about it as it hits the market, but we are proud of how it looks  and fishes,” added Huddleston.
You can learn more about Huddleston Deluxe products at their website.
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