Yo-Zuri T-7 Premium Fluorocarbon Line Review

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Bass fishing line doesn’t get too many people fired up; I totally get that. I test a lot of different lines each year and most of the time, I’m kind of indifferent to them. A lot of them are good but not a whole lot are great. I do, however, get pretty dang picky when it comes to my fluorocarbon fishing line in particular. I have learned over time that a poor choice in fluorocarbon can absolutely ruin an otherwise good fishing trip.

I’ve been testing the new Yo-Zuri T-7 Premium Fluorocarbon Line for several months now and it has really impressed me for a variety of reasons. Terry has been using it during his weekly night tournaments as well and like me, he has really enjoyed fishing with it.

I’ll run through what I’ve learned about this new fishing line.

Strong as an ox

Yo-Zuri T-7 Premium Fluorocarbon Line is certainly no slouch in regards to its strength. I have not tested many other lines stronger than this one, to be honest. If you get snagged in an offshore brush pile, you better be ready to play tug-of-war and relocate that brush pile if you want to get your bait back. It is incredibly strong and I have absolutely no worries about flipping and pitching the thickest stuff I can find when I’m using it. The 20- and 25-pound tests are ridiculously strong.

I’m not usually a slack-line hookset kind of guy but I put everything I had into my hooksets while testing this line. It’s important to mention that I do not get carried away or fancy with my fishing knots. I use a simple Palomar knot. Period.

With that being said, I can’t break this stuff or make my knot fail. So if you like to fish nasty cover and get up-close and personal with bass in shallow water, I’d certainly recommend giving it a shot. 

Resists abrasion well

I’ve rigged a few of my cranking rods with 12-pound Yo-Zuri T-7 Premium Fluorocarbon Line and have really enjoyed the abrasion resistance of it. I crank a lot of rocks and dock posts throughout the entire year. I’m always rubbing my squarebill line against riprap, chunk rock, nails protruding from dock posts, sharp metal jetski lifts and all kinds of other stuff. I normally retie more than a dozen times throughout an average fishing day.

This line, however, allows me to retie about half as much. Now, I haven’t counted or anything, but it has been a really good option for me whenever I’m fishing around jagged cover.

I’ve also had to pull some fish over the cross braces underneath wooden boat docks and for a lot of lines, that can cause a lot of trouble in a hurry. So far, I’ve had absolutely no issues with line breakage or anything of the sort. 

Easy casting distance

Even if you’re average at casting, I believe you’ll be able to get some impressive distance when using this line. You can put this line on a deep-diving plug and just about cast all the way to your backing knot. It’s supple enough to provide some bomb casts for anglers of all skill levels.

For skipping underneath cover, it may try to jump off the reel a little bit but it’s nothing I take issue with. I use line conditioner on each and every reel I own and I’ve noticed zero problems after treating it. Even without line conditioner, you’ll have no problem sliding it underneath boat docks or whatever other cover you like to fish. But I do set my brakes a click or two higher and that seems to work just fine.

Super low stretch

In terms of its low-stretch qualities, Yo-Zuri T-7 Premium Fluorocarbon Line reminds me of the old Bass Pro XPS Fluorocarbon I used to use in college. That stuff was insane when flipping and pitching shallow cover because whenever you set the hook, pretty much all of that energy transferred directly to the bass.

I’m happy to say that this line is pretty much the same way. When you set the hook in close quarters, do not be surprised if you have a 14-inch bass flying towards your face. It’s a very low-stretch fluorocarbon which not only assists in hooksets but I also feel like it helps increase sensitivity as well.

If you’re looking for a tough fluorocarbon line, I’d absolutely recommend trying the Yo-Zuri T-7 Premium Fluorocarbon Line. It’s manageable, strong and resists knicks and cuts with the best of ’em. I’ve always thought of Yo-Zuri as a bait company but they’re about to make waves in the fishing line industry with this stuff.

The Yo-Zuri T-7 Premium Fluorocarbon Line is available at TackleWarehouse.com