Yo-Zuri 3DB Series 1.5 MR Crankbait Review

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Most crankbaits I’ve tested seem to have a fairly particular time and place. Water clarity, temperature and time of year plays a huge role in selecting the best crankbait for the situation. Once in a while, however, I run into a crankbait I can use pretty much whenever I need to get a bite. Although I’d love to keep it to myself, it’s time I introduce you to one of the best plugs I’ve tested in recent years.

The Yo-Zuri 3DB Series 1.5 MR is a special lure in many different ways. From top-quality components to beautiful color schemes, this crankbait will catch fish when you need bites. You can pull into a pocket with it and almost expect to get bit before you pull your trolling motor back up. That’s how much confidence I’ve gained in it.

I’ll quickly go over some of its most noteworthy characteristics.

Great price and even better quality

The Yo-Zuri 3DB Series 1.5 MR is priced at $7.49 per crankbait. You’ll be hard pressed to find better quality at such a reasonable price point. If I didn’t know the price, I’d guess it to cost somewhere in around $15 or $20.

I say that for several reasons. First and perhaps most obvious, the available color schemes are simply beautiful. Whether you fish dirty, clear or lightly stained water, you’ll quickly find a color that will work on your home waters. My personal favorites are Sexy Shad (pictured) and Blue Black Chartreuse.

The finish is very durable as well. You’ll notice a few teeth marks on the back of the lure, but the sides are quite resistant to hook rash and other damage caused by collisions with cover. Again, it’s the quality you’d expect from a lure twice its price.

It also comes equipped with high-quality components such as premium split rings and Japanese treble hooks. The split rings don’t bend or warp and the hooks have stayed sharp and penetrate very quickly with a gentle, sweeping hookset.

They crush it

As I mentioned earlier, this has become a major confidence lure for me. It’s designed to run in the 5- to 8-foot depth range, but you can certainly tinker with thinks such as rod angle and line diameter to make it even more versatile.

I normally throw the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series 1.5 MR on 12-pound fluorocarbon but I’ll certainly upsize to 15-pound fluorocarbon if the fish are holding in the 3- to 4-foot zone. Although it doesn’t have a square-shaped bill to help it deflect off shallow cover, the rounded bill certainly holds its own in regards to deflection properties. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve snagged this plug on cover.

I’ve also notice that the fish truly try to eat this crankbait; they don’t swat at it and accidentally get hooked. They charge this plug at full speed with every intention of killing and eating it. I strongly advise you keep a set of long pliers in the boat so you can safely removed the trebles from deep-hooked fish.

Small but castable

Measuring just 2 3/8 inches, the Yo-Zuri 3DB Crank 1.5 MR isn’t a particularly large crankbait. But don’t mistake is small stature for a lightweight, hard-to-cast lure. You will have absolutely no problem throwing it on baitcasting equipment.

Whether it’s windy or calm, you can wing this dude around without any regard to backlashes or line management issues because it still weighs in at 1/2 ounce. I strongly suggest using a medium-action casting rod in order to maximize the efficiency and distance of every cast.

Final impressions

I seriously didn’t want to give this one up. But that’s my job, I guess. This crankbait is a big-time catcher and you can stock up without going broke. I can’t think of a time this year when I won’t have one tied on and ready to fish.

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