Xzone Lures Swammer Review

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I’ve been fishing with the Xzone Lures Swammer swimbait the last few months and found it to be a nice little finesse swimbait for a variety of bass fishing situations. It comes in sizes ranging from 3 1/2 inches for the Mini Swammer up to 5 1/2 inches for the Mega Swammer.

I found myself throwing the Mini Swammer and original Swammer the most. I did catch a few fish on the larger Mega Swammer but the 3 1/2 and 4-inch options were money for just running down the bank looking for spawning bass and casting ahead and getting some bites before I saw fish.

The Swammer has a flat top and ribbed sections that give it a very nice action in the water. The plastic formulation is the right mix of softness for a good tail thump and roll but durable enough that you can catch a bunch of bass on bait and it stayed on 1/4-ounce jigheads really well.

I liked the unique colors offered in the Swammer. The 309 and Smoke Purple Blue Iridescent colors really well and straight white worked well also.

I fished the Mega Swammer on a weighted swimbait hook and was able to skip it under docks and walkways and low hanging branches and bushes this spring. It swims and keels really well and doesn’t try to ride up on its side, even at a faster clip.

I also fished the Swammer and Mini Swammer on jigheads in current to catch a bunch of bass down on the Tennessee River below Kentucky Lake. It was a hot ticket on a recent morning boating a couple dozen bass in rapid succession.

I found the bait offers a lot of options for rigging based on its size and color selections. I fished it primarily on a jighead but also played around with it on a swim jig and a heavy Chatterbait for fishing on ledges.

You can find the Swammer on TackleWarehouse.com and in other retailers that are carrying Xzone Lures plastic baits.

Good formulation of plastic for action and durability

Flat head and keeled body keeps it upright the whole retrieve

Was a good way to run banks looking for shallow bass

Stays on a jighead really well

Good size selection

Also lots of rigging options

And nice color options as well

The Mini Swammer got a lot of bites in current on a river