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War Eagle Jiggin’ Spoon Review

Bass fishing spoons may not be the most captivating lure in the world, but you simply can’t deny their fish-catching ability. When any type of game fish starts moving towards deep water in the summer or winter, these old-school lures can do some serious damage regardless of your skill level.

I wanted to share with you a spoon that has pretty much replaced all of my others. The War Eagle Jiggin’ Spoon is the one lure that stays in my boat this time of year. The small details are what make this a must-have lure if you’re targeting deep fish.

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Virtually no line twist

If you’ve ever fished a spoon before, you’re probably very familiar with the irritating problem of line twist. Spoons are meant to flutter as they fall on slack line, imitating an injured bait fish, but this enticing action will destroy your line after a few days of fishing. You’ll have kinks and coils throughout the entire spool and line management quickly becomes a nightmare. 

The War Eagle Jiggin’ Spoon, however, does not tangle your line thanks to its high-quality swivel. I’ve tried adding my own swivels to lesser spoons in the past, but I have still had to deal with line twist. I can confidently say that this spoon will not cause line twist. I have guided with these spoons for years and not once have I had to stop my clients to straighten their fishing line. Not one single time. 

The swivel is also tough as nails. I have caught hundreds of striped bass up to 15 pounds on the Jiggin’ Spoon and I’ve never had a failure. There has been no bending, warping or breaking to speak of. 

High-quality hook

It’s pretty darn tough to find a spoon with a high-quality treble hook. Most of them you’ll find are flimsy, cheap and they immediately bend if you hook a fish over a few pounds. I’ve spent too many hours beefing up and customizing spoons before guide trips. 

Thankfully, the War Eagle Jiggin’ Spoon comes with a premium EWG Gamakatsu treble hook. It will not bend, flex or break when you hook a big fish. The hook in this photo has caught roughly 50 striped bass and almost 400 pounds of fish. It’s still able to snag the skin on my finger, which is incredibly impressive in my opinion. 

I’m not spending time in the boat constantly swapping out trebles. I see the fish on my graph, I drop it down and I reel ’em in. It is honestly that simple. 

Take it out of the package and go fishing

I don’t make any modifications to this spoon before fishing with it. I’ve long said that I don’t really enjoy tinkering with tackle. Some folks love changing hooks, swivels and all that stuff. 

I don’t. I like to fish. The War Eagle Jiggin’ Spoon is perfect for people like me because it doesn’t require any special tweaks. It will catch hundreds of fish just the way it comes. 

Regarding size, I strongly recommend getting the 7/8-ounce Jiggin’ Spoon. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with the lighter 1/2-ounce model, but the heavier spoon allows you to quickly drop on top of schools when they’re underneath your boat. Especially for more pelagic fish like striped bass, this is a huge deal. They constantly move and roam, so when a pod of ’em shows up on your graph, you need to get it down to them in a hurry. I’m thankful War Eagle makes such a heavy spoon because I’m certain it has allowed me to catch hundreds of fish a lighter spoon wouldn’t have gotten to. 

I will always have a stockpile of them

I buy these like they’re going out of style. I probably have a dozen in my boat and another 40 in my tackle shop. If it’s summer or winter, they’re rigged on at least three of my rods. You’d be hard-pressed to find a lure that catches more fish. If it swims and hangs out in deeper water, it will absolutely eat this spoon. It has been responsible for lots of happy guide clients and many delicious meals for my wife and me. 

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